[seqfan] Mathematica package for formatting sequence

Olivier Gerard ogerard at ext.jussieu.fr
Wed Apr 8 20:30:37 CEST 1998

Following Neil Sloane's new policy to request that sequences
be already formated, Eric Weisstein decided to improve
my Mathematica formating code. Together we have arrived to
an intermediate stage, version 0.70 which is now available
for you, seqfans.
You can download it at:


this is a text file package suitable for version 2 or 3
of Mathematica.

Place it in a directory where Mathematica can find it
(for instance with 3.0 in the Add Ons directory)
then either load it manually (by at Get command)
or implicitely (by a Needs[EISFormat`] ).

The main command is FormatSequence.

For instance you can ask

In[2]= FormatSequence[ Range[1,100], 45678, 1, Name->"Natural Integers",
Author->"Me and only me (me at me.com)"]

and you will have

>From In[2]:=  (20:22:13 on 4/8/98)
%I A045678
%S A045678
%T A045678
%U A045678 50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,70,71,72
%N A045678 Natural Integers
%R A045678
%A A045678 Me and only me (me at me.com)
%O A045678 1,2
%K A045678 nonn

that you can then paste and copy.

Much more is possible, as described by the help messages.

For instance LookupListFormat[  ] allows you to prepare
a bunch of lookup requests for the sequence server.

What we would like is that Mathematica users on the list
beta-test it and send some feedback and requests for features
before we post it to Neil Sloane's site for the general public.

We plan a few goodies like automatic handling of "frac" sequences.

Olivier Gerard <ogerard at ext.jussieu.fr>


Eric Weisstein  <eww6n at virginia.edu>

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