[seqfan] close sequences

Wouter Meeussen eu000949 at pophost.eunet.be
Sun Aug 2 18:39:13 CEST 1998


at that point, how certain can you be that there is no
fault in the algorithm to calculate them?

I once found an error in Mathematica's IntegerDigits function
that showed only at 40 or so digits.


At 19:49 1-08-98, Christian G.Bower wrote:
>Wouter wrote:
>> If this is true, it beats the hell out of similarities 
>> like Bell & Catalan numbers differing from only the 
>> fifth place. These have 7 terms equal! 
>I've been collecting sequences that match the first several terms
>for a few months.
>Here are some examples:
>A001399 A008761  18 terms
>A002620 A025699  19 terms
>A008632 A008638  36 terms
>A008633 A008639  36 terms
>A008634 A008640  55 terms (Only 40 terms shown)
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