N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Thu Aug 13 05:26:03 CEST 1998

there has been a lot of correspondence here about
necklace enum,erations

maple's share library turns out to have a package for 
this.  here's an extract from ?share[contents]

- - Author: Fiegelstock, Shalom <fiegel at>. 

- - Isomers, Groups and Combinatorics: A description and application of Polya's Theorem (from
  Group theory) to the enumeration of benzene isomers and counting necklace patterns with
  beads of different colours.

- - To load this package, type the following Maple commands in a Maple session (or cut and
  paste them, if you are using an interface that permits it).

> with( share ):
> with( polya );               
- - Help Links: share[polya] share[polya,polya_mws] with share share[index,author] 
  share[index,subject] share[index,alpha] 


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