Maple V.5 troubles

N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Sat May 2 05:33:32 CEST 1998

We just got Maple V.5 here (for an SGI UNIX machine).  It's not
installed yet.  My initial tests of my sequence programs with
the new Maple produced hundreds of error messages.  I /think/
these were all caused by the change from  "  to  %  for
"previous expression".   But maybe there are other traps I don't know about.

I mention this because when we do install the new Maple, my sequence
servers may break down.

Once again (this is hard to believe yet true),
Maple did not supply a list of changes made in the new version.

Does anyone on the seqfan list have a list of these changes? (from V.4 to V.5)

We will change over to the new maple next week; please let me know
if you notice any strange things happening with sequences here.

Fortunately I've switched over to Mathematica for many of the transforms
used by Superseeker (Thank you Olivier!) so at least that part is immune
to Maple's stupidities.


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