[seqfan] "more" terms for A038101.

Patrick De Geest Patrick.DeGeest at ping.be
Sun Apr 18 20:16:44 CEST 1999

Olivier Gerard wrote:
> Neil Sloane just wrote a message, asking to compute a family of sequences.
> If someone takes up this job, please just post it to the list, so
> that this effort will not be duplicated.
> The same is true for Neil's new "more" sequence web page (ref. a recent
> message on this mailing list): you can
> post on this list the A-numbers of the sequences you are working
> on, so that the energy of our club will not be wasted.
> Olivier Gerard
> <ogerard at ext.jussieu.fr>
> Seqfan list administrator

Well then, I'd like you all to know that I'm working on gradually
extending the "more" sequence A038101 !

Name:      First location of palindrome a(n) in decimal expansion of Pi is palindromic.

Last found term is 

  1491941 first found at position 5499945

           Patrick De Geest
        Patrick.DeGeest at ping.be

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