advice sought

Wouter Meeussen eu000949 at
Sun Aug 15 16:23:30 CEST 1999

At 07:41 15-08-99 -0400, N. J. A. Sloane wrote:
>I would like advice:  the database contains a number of duplicate
>sequences.  Example:
>%I A019505
>%S A019505 4,22,27,58,85,94,121,166,202,265,274,319,346,355,378,382,391,438
>%N A019505 Same as A006753.
>%O A019505 1,1
>%K A019505 dead
>Should I remove these completely, and recycle the A numbers?
>Or leave them in place in case someone somewhere has a link to them?

reasigning A-numbers looks like a bad idea.
Leaving the entry as is looks bad too : it can clutter the true hits..
Maybe just :

%N A019505 Same as A006753.

with a link (without back-link) to the target,
and a warning message asking to update that link.

But I would keep such a minimal reference (as above) for eternity.


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