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Michael Somos somos at grail.cba.csuohio.edu
Sat Dec 11 19:09:08 CET 1999

I noticed that there was one reference which may be accessible.
I did a MathSciNet search for year 1952 and Panjab. I immediately
found the following review. The name Hansraj Gupta was already familiar
to me from other sequences in the database.

   14,450i 10.0X
   Gupta, Hansraj
   A table of values of $N\sb 2(t)$. 
   Res. Bull. East Panjab Univ. 1952, (1952). no. 20, 13--93.
   The function $N\sb 2(t)$ is defined by $N\sb 2(t)=\sum\sb {j\leq
   t}n\sb 2(j)$ in which $n\sb 2(j)$ is the number of non-negative
   solutions $(x,y)$ of $(*)$ $x\sp 2+y\sp 2=j$, the solution $(x,y)$
   being considered as different from $(y,x)$ in case $x\neq y$. The
Shalom, Michael

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