preprints (1989 - 1998)

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Sat Dec 11 22:03:22 CET 1999


%D A005316 A. Phillips, ``Simple Alternating Transit Mazes,'' preprint.
Abridged version appeared as ``La topologia dei labirinti,'' in M. Emmer,
editor, L'Occhio di Horus: Itinerari nell'Imaginario Matematico. Istituto
della Enciclopedia Italia, Rome, 1989, pp. 57-67.


%D A006082 D. Feldman, ``Counting plane trees,'' preprint, 1992.


%D A003664 %D A007300  R. K. Guy, ``s-Additive sequences,'' preprint, 1994.


%D A007895 %D A007896 %D A007896 %D A007898 F. Weinstein, "The Fibonacci
Partitions", preprint, 1995.


%D A049287 %D A049288 %D A049289 %D A049297 %D A049309  V. A. Liskovets,
R. P"oschel, On the  enumeration of circulant graphs of prime-power and
square-free orders,
Preprint, MATH-AL-8-1996, TU-Dresden

%D A002083 %D A008927 %D A008928 %D A008929 %D A008930
M. Torelli, Increasing integer sequences and Goldbach's conjecture,
preprint, 1996.

%D A000983 For a recent table of upper bounds see P R J Ostergard et al,
New upper bounds for binary covering codes, preprint, 1996.

%D A018843 Reseaux entiers unimodulaires sans racine en dimension 27 et 28,
Roland Bacher, Boris Venkov, Preprint number 332 of Institut Fourier, Grenoble,

%D A027581 %D A027582 %D A027583 %D A027584 %D A027585 %D A027586 %D A027587
%D A027588 %D A027589 %D A027590 %D A027591 %D A027592 %D A027593 %D A027594
%D A027595 %D A027596 %D A027597
S. Viswanath (student, Dept. Math, Indian
Inst. Technology, Kanpur) A Note on Partition Eigensequences, preprint, 11/96


%D A022818 W. C. Yang (yang at, Derivatives of self-compositions
of functions, preprint, 1997.

%D A001511 %D A045898 A. M. Hinz, The Tower of Hanoi, preprint, Munich, 1997.


%D A045847 H. Wilf, A combinatorial determinant, preprint 1998.

%D A035607 Serra-Sagrista` and Klock, Counting lattice points in l1 norm,
preprint, 1998.

%D A038560 %D A038561 H.W.Gould, A linear binomial recurrence and the Bell
numbers and polynomials, preprint, 1998


%D A022597 D. Foata, G.-N. Han, "Jacobi and Watson Identities Combinatorially
Revisited", (preprint)

%H A001224 %H A005418 S. V. Jablan, Geometry of Links

%D A049313 L. Babai and P. J. Cameron, Automorphisms and enumeration of
switching classes of tournaments, preprint

%D A027434 Sam Speed, An integer sequence (preprint).

%D A003500 E. K. Lloyd (!E.K.Lloyd) "The standard deviation of
1, 2, .., n, Pell's equation and rational triangles", preprint.


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