breaking 50K

Michael Somos somos at
Sat Jul 17 22:05:32 CEST 1999

I just realized that we are past A050000 in the database just recently.
Congratulations to Neil Sloane and Simon Plouffe for maintaining it.
It seems a long time ago that there were only a few thousand of the
sequences. It seems that some persons have been busy adding to the
database. I wonder if there is a list of the top ten contributors of new

Anyone care to comment about the fascination of integer sequences? What
is it about the Fibonacci sequence, or Catalan numbers that seems so
attractive to some people? I know that early in my life I became very
interested in numbers and especially sequences of numbers.

What is the most natural generalization of the binomial coefficients?
The q-series version is one obvious choice. Is there any others?

Shalom, Michael

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