[SeqFan] other projects (was:reply to Antti)

Olivier Gerard ogerard at ext.jussieu.fr
Sun Jul 25 19:55:50 CEST 1999

Neil wrote:

>Antti, there are not so many sequences with
>irregular shapes.  and i'm very busy with other
>projects (and my summer student has just about
>so i'm not going to follow the suggestions in your
>proposal!   but i will keep them on record for
>the future.

No one, except Neil and Antti has expressed his
opinion on this new feature.

I find it great (it used to be in my wish list)
but I would like the opinion of others.
I doubt that the "tabl" link would be sufficient
for a casual user of the system. It is likely
he will not try to click on it.

Perhaps Neil can give us an idea of the other
modifications or projects in store for the EIS?


== French part follows == version francaise ==

Personne, exceptés Neil et Antti, n'a encore
exprimé son avis sur cette nouvelle fonction
de visualisation de suites comme des tables.

Pour ma part, je trouve ca formidable (même si
comme le suggérait Antti on pourrait encore
sophistiquer la chose) mais peut-être que d'autres
peuvent aussi donner leur avis.

Neil, pourrais-tu nous donner quelques indications
sur les modifications en cours ou à venir de l'EIS ?

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