[seqfan] A035961

Olivier Gerard ogerard at ext.jussieu.fr
Tue Jun 15 11:01:24 CEST 1999


you wrote:
>BUT: my last (?!) term is 226, while you get 225 there.
>Could you (help me to) generate a list of those 225 "items", so that I can
>look for a
>correspondence with my C3-pilings ?
>Maybe I got one too many, maybe you 'missed' one, maybe there is no
>between both sequences, despite their 'similarity'.

One of the definitions of A035961 gives an easy way
to compute its generating function.

In mathematica language, that could be :

		1/Product[ (1 - Switch[Mod[k, 15],0,0,7,0,8,0,_, x^k]),

which confirms 225.  It may very well be that those two
sequences are really different.  What about constructing the
next term of yours ?  Once they have started to differ,
partition sequences can diverge very quickly.

One brute force way to construct a representation of those 225
is to build all partitions of 18 (I can send you a mathematica
file with them if you want) and then select those with a part
in {7,8,15}.

Maybe a slight variation of your definition could eliminate one
term so that they agree on this term. But I really doubt they are
the same.


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