[seqfan] Re: downloading a set of A-numbers

Olivier Gerard ogerard at ext.jussieu.fr
Wed Mar 24 19:49:26 CET 1999

Wouter asked for a way to download sequences by A-Number.

That's a feature which is not available by mail and that
I would very much like, too. As I see it, it could use the
same address than sequences at research.att.com.
One could send the message (up to ten at a time maybe)

get A034512
(or I577 or M3215)

and have the result back.

As Neil is with us, he can tell us if it find that
possible, and eventually when it could be implemented.

Now, you can retrieve a specific sequence by a http request
such as this one:

But you will get an html page and not a plain text result.
By using


You will get an answer closer to the internal format that you can easily
Cut and Paste.

For sequences addicts like myself, the solution for the time being
is downloading the whole database and making a little search script
for offline research.

Neil is planning to make various enhancement to the EIS this summer.
I suggest that members of seqfan share their wish list on this forum.


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