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Michael Somos somos at
Thu Oct 21 23:27:01 CEST 1999

Robert G. Wilson wrote :

>  The second sequence is A(-2) = A(-1) =1, A(n) = 3*A(n-1) + 2^n. 
> I am not entirely happy with this 'definition.'

It is not so bad, but only one of many. How about the generating function ?

gp> for(n=0,13,print1(polcoeff((1-x)/((1-2*x)*(1-3*x)),n)","))

Antreas P. Hatzipolakis wrote :

> and is the sequence  A027649 in _EIS_

As a quick lookup shows, and now we can add the "G.f.:" for it. Also, it
has an order two recursion as a consequence. Shalom, Michael

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