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Olivier Gérard ogerard at
Wed Dec 27 23:51:23 CET 2000

Hello Neil, Hello All,

Rather nice to see that the EIS is alive and kicking.

After quite a long time of minimal maintenance of this list,
I am now launching a new phase for the seqfan list.

* There is currently a backlog of subscription requests,
I will try to treat them quickly next week.
Please, if you know people who wanted to be on seqfan and
could not join because of my being mainly offline, let me know.
My sincere apologies about this.

* Some time ago I rented the domain  in order to
build a real site about integer sequences.
In a few weeks, our list will be hosted on a different server
than the current one (although the old one will still work
and relay its work to the new).
Among other things, it will allow to use a recent version of
the SYMPA list manager and many other little nice improvements.
I will send you another mail describing the changes.
If you have ideas or suggestions we can speak about that on
this list.

* On, I am ready to offer free space for
sequence & math web spaces for people. I am open to projects
of all kind and in any language.  
One of the thing I would like most are pages on special kind
or families of sequences serving as a topic index to the EIS.
By opposition to the JIS articles
which focus on the new material and/or research level, those
pages would be more comprehensive, aimed at the keen amateur
and not skip well known facts.

Please contact me directly:   ogerard at 

* And of course, I will resume an active collaboration to the
EIS (there is a few things on Neil's TODO list which are
in my range! <>

Best Regards,

Olivier Gerard (og)
Administrator of the seqfan mailing list

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