safe text

Marc LeBrun mlb at
Wed Feb 9 15:23:44 CET 2000

Someone pointed out that my previous long message contained junk
characters, etc.  My apologies! I'm aware that I'm trying everyone's
patience enough without tormenting them with such noise!  Here's my reply
to this individual:


Good grief, many apologies!  I really had no idea there was junk in that
message.  In fact, I tried very very hard to make sure it was completely
vanilla!  In fact, it was your good example that I wanted to emulate!

The procedure I used was that I first prepared it in Microsoft Word
(because I use the fancy search & replace, macros, etc).  But I wrote it
all in a fixed-width font, using an 80-character wide ruler that I moved
around by manual cut and paste to keep an eye on the line widths.  Then I
pasted the entire Word text into Eudora, looked it over carefully and made
a few edits.  I even went so far as to remove tab characters and leading
spaces on lines, etc, because sometimes they cause funny things to happen.

I also would never knowingly send a bunch of HTML to a general audience.
At most a URL.

Despite all these efforts some software still managed to insert poop into
my message (thanks, Microsoft).  Again, many apologies for the annoyance.
I'll redouble my efforts to send clear ASCII henceforth!


If anyone has any tips on ensuring "safe text", I'd like to hear them...


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