N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Wed Feb 9 17:27:41 CET 2000

i like your notes about numbrals 

(though, not having read them, i changed numbral to
number when i added your sequences to the database.
"Index" is another word that you could have used
instead of "numbral")

what i would like to do, if you don't object, is to
post your notes as a subpage of the "Classic sequences" page
of the EIS.

that way i can add links to that page from the sequences that you mention there.

you say there will be a second installment; that could go there as well, all
in one html file of course

i will be in spain feb 9 - 19, so that would
give you time to prepare such a file, if you agree it is a good idea

all email will be saved until i get back, as always, but there
will be a delay in updating the database.  i have a number of
trips coming up this year, so don't worry if i am silent for a while

i will copy this to seqfan

Neil Sloane

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