Jud McCranie jud.mccranie at
Mon Jan 24 19:03:38 CET 2000

At 11:29 AM 1/24/00 -0500, John Conway wrote:
 > the Fibonacci numbers are the 4th matching sequence

>    You think this is good? I think it's absolutely terrible.
>My guess is that the three before it are junk.  The Fibonacci
>sequence should be the first to come up after only half-a-dozen

One simple way to help here is to list the matching sequences in order of 
the number of cross references to them, largest number first.  There must 
be a large number of sequences that cross-reference the Fibonacci numbers, 
but very few that cross-reference them mod 9.  This isn't a perfect 
solution, but it is easy way to help substantially.

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