Data Mining EIS

Simon Colton simonco at
Thu Jul 27 02:49:55 CEST 2000


I've been datatmining with the encyclopedia for some time now.

I've put the file you want here:

the gzipped file is 3.5Mb. Please let me know if you have a problem
downloading it. [Neil, I hope it's OK to do this - I'll remove the
file if it causes problems]. The file is a little out of date, perhaps
a couple of months - so many new sequences will be missing. It should
be enough to be going on with, though. I have unix scripts for
compiling it if you want them.

We won a best paper award at the big AI conference this year
for our work on datamining the encyclopedia. I mentioned it to
the seqfans a couple of times, but no-one seemed interested :o(
The paper is here for anyone interested:

Michael, I would be very interested in collaboration with you.
I think there are many interesting conjectures to be datamined
from the encyclopedia, and I think AI has something to offer!

All the best,


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