N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Sat Jul 29 18:02:22 CEST 2000

Dear SeqFans

1. The EIS web pages look rather old-fashioned to me.
If anyone is interested in helping make them look more glamorous,
let me know.  I even have a small amount of money for this work.

2. I have redone the "Submit new seq or comment" page,
to give people a chance to preview their submission before it
is finally submitted.

There could be bugs - let me know if you see anything wrong.

With 900 lines of shell program it is easy to make mistakes,
or not to think of all the things that could go wrong,
or to allow for the effect of people
using different operating systems or different browsers.

So let me know if you notice any problems!

3. I would like to get more web pages that illustrate 
the beginning terms in sequences.  Gif or jpeg files,
for example.  For some examples of what i mean,
see A000292, A000055, A003035, A000012, etc.
Lots more are needed, in case anyone is interested
in helping.

4. There are now some "Demo" pages to show people
how the EIS gets used.  They are linked to the
bottow of all the web pages.
The intended audience is someone who says "what good is it?"
A visiting dean, say.  Comments would be welcomed.

neil sloane

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