Is there a way to download the entire database?

James A. Sellers sellersj at
Sat Mar 25 04:04:35 CET 2000


My understanding is that there is no one quick way to download the
entire database.  The only option of which I am aware is to download
the 54 files that are currently contained at the www address you
mention at the end of your email.  

But there is a relatively quick way to do just that, as long as you
are willing to download a few more files that may not be of interest. 
I use a program simply called "Downloader" which, after I open
Microsoft Explorer, will allow me to supply a www address, and specify
the number of levels  deep that I desire, and the program will
download the root page specified, plus all threads from that root page
up to the level I specify.  So I tell it to go to Seis.html and go one
level down.  That picks up all 54 files desired, plus some others that
are easily discarded if I desire. 

I don't remember where I got the software I use; it was freeware I ran
across a while back when I had your exact same question!!!  But I did
look on altavista tonight and found something called Mass Downloader

This might be exactly what I use, but I can't be sure!!!  Also, does
Microsoft have anything like this in the works??  

Well, I hope this helps you.  I am sorry I can't give you a better
answer.  I should say that I have had no trouble with the technique
described above.  And I have some grep-like software written "in
house" by one of my colleagues that allows me to perform multiple,
case-sensitive word searches (not just one word as Neil has
available). I have used this ALOT to find the sequences about which I
am interested.  For example, I can look up the "more" sequences in a
certain category of sequences (like "part") in a matter of seconds.  

Take care.


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	Is there a way to download the entire database of sequences,
to download all the .htm files on


- Joe


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