Datamining Encyclopedia

Simon Colton simonco at
Wed Apr 4 15:29:07 CEST 2001

Dear Sequence Fans,

There was some talk a while ago of people using the Encyclopedia
to (data)mine information, in particular to make conjectures about
the nature of sequences. Did this work ever come to fruition? Does
anyone know of any research being done along these lines with the
Encyclopedia or another database.

I'm writing a workshop paper surveying the various forms of
mathematical data available and suggesting some ways to generate
new results by combining/cross-referencing them. Such simple
techniques have already been successful in biology/medicine, etc.
As regular users of (at least one) mathematics database, do any
of you have any comments on this?

Thanks in advance,

Simon Colton

PS. Could someone please change my email for the mailing list from
simonco at to simonco at - I've changed universities.

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