Inconsummates/Bahrain/Harary and Palmer/Wild

N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Tue Jan 9 13:39:32 CET 2001

1. For inconsummates, see A003635, A052491, A058898-A058907.
Related seqs: A003634, A052489, A052490, A052491.
David Radcliffe's web page:

2. Several people have asked what this is, so I've added it to the database:
%I A058897
%S A058897 6,39,78,95,82,4
%N A058897 An unknown sequence.
%O A058897 0,1
%K A058897 nonn,unkn
%F A058897 If anyone can explain this, please let me know! - njas
%A A058897 njas, Jan 09 2001

- apparently it appeared on an 11-grade test in Bahrain.

3. There's now a concordance to the sequences in Harary and Palmer's
Graphical Enumeration, see
For Stanley's Enumerative Combinatorics see ..../stanley.html
A concordance to Comtet's Analyse Combinatoire and Advanced Combinatorics
is in preparation.

4. No satisfactory explanation of "Wild Numbers" has yet appeared.
(Enoch Haga had a suggestion, but it doesn't match the context
of higher mathematics so I won't post it here.)


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