[gaps between square-free numbers] & A045882

Hans Havermann hahaj at home.com
Tue Jan 16 17:52:51 CET 2001

%I A045882
%S A045882 4,8,48,242,844,22020,217070,1092747,8870024,221167422,221167422,
%T A045882 47255689915,82462576220,1043460553364,79180770078548,
%U A045882 3215226335143218
%N A045882 Smallest term of first run of (at least) n consecutive integers
which are not square-free.
%C A045882 Solution for n=10 is same as for n=11.

Thank you, Christian, for this.

To repeat the point of my previous post, why not make this the "smallest
term of the first run of *exactly* n consecutive integers which are not
square-free" and replace the 10th term with 262315467. We will have
essentially the same sequence with *more* information: The fact of the 10th
term being *larger* than the 11th tells us that the first run of *at least*
10 consecutive integers is in fact the 11th term.

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