Niklasch sequence

N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Fri Nov 16 03:49:38 CET 2001

Dear Sequence Fans, There is a web site
%H G. Niklasch, <a href="">Some number
theoretical constants: 1000-digit values</A>]
which has a lot of decimal constants

I started entering them, but i don't have any more time;
maybe one of you could help?

As an example of the format, his constant 02 gives rise
to A065417 (for the exponents), and A065414 (for the decimal expansion)

You can check which ones i did (i did the main ones only, up through
his constant number 08)

Note that many of his exponent sequences are too short to include;
also many of the longer ones are already
in the database with a slightly different leading terms(s).
I did not make new entries for them, but just added a comment
- and a reference to the web page - to the existing entry
(see A027376 for instance)

Finally, I would like to get the sequences of continued fractions
for all these constants . These you would have to work out,
but he gives 1000 decimal digits!

To avoid duplication of effort, if anyone wants to work
on formatting some or all of these constants - there are
about 60 of them - it would be a good idea to post a note here

Neil Sloane

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