N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Thu Sep 20 21:14:56 CEST 2001

Thanks to everyone who expressed sympathy for the recent tragic events.
The EIS seems to have survived.
(There's a new version which has all recent contributions in it,
except for those received in the past few hours.)

On a more cheerful note,
the following violates most of my rules but will be included anyway.
If anyone knows of links to the actual music i would like to add them.

%I A064172
%S A064172 37,39,40,41,175,238,242,246,271,365,413,414,415,449,450,451,453,456,
%T A064172 459,466,467,482,488,491,503,537,595
%N A064172 Koechel numbers of Mozart's piano concertos.
%H A064172 Classical Net, <a href="">Koechel's Catalog of Mozart's Works</a>
%K A064172 fini,full,nonn,nice,new
%O A064172 0,1
%A A064172 Dan Fux (danfux at, Sep 19 2001

Concerning A000028, Wouter is certainly correct: 
the description /was/ changed sometime in the 1980's, and no
longer matches the sequence.  But the old description was simply
"A 2-way classification of integers", not helpful at all.


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