Recaman's sequence

Hans Havermann hahaj at
Wed Sep 26 02:00:58 CEST 2001

Don Reble:
> Whoa! 1355 can't be in A064228, unless it's in A005132.

> %N A057167 Term in Recaman's sequence A005132 where n appears for first time,
> or 0 if n never appears.

The zero here is contrived shorthand for Infinity. (Am I wrong?)

> %N A064227 From Recaman's sequence (A005132): record values in A057167.

The first zero in A057167 *is* a record value.

> %N A064228 From Recaman's sequence (A005132): values of n achieving records in
> A057167.

If 1355 never appears in A005132, it still deserves to be in A064228, as the
final entry.


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