Emergency exit.

Antti Karttunen karttu at megabaud.fi
Tue Feb 5 14:31:59 CET 2002

> Hello to all subscribers of the SeqFan mailing list.
> Antti has just demonstrated the kind of traffic that can
> be generated by the well-inspired desire to answer as fast as
> possible (even his own posts or queries).
> Please do not hesitate to take time to re-read, edit or
> control your mails, and especially when they are answers
> to other members.
> We are dealing with knowledge, not real-time emergencies

Yes, I was in real emergency to get some nourishment.
But now I try to correct my bad habits. In any case, my mistake gave
us an interesting bit of information that A001700 and A000108
differ from each other by only a minute difference
in their definitions (when written in certain way),
so one might wonder (again, thinking lazily) whether
one could also apply the same techniques to the question
asked by Claude as what are applied in the case of

or whether there might exist a nice table containing both
A000108 and A001700 (probably several).

With remorse,


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