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Frank Ellermann frank.ellermann at
Wed Feb 6 02:09:07 CET 2002

Antti Karttunen wrote:

> is this too much for OEIS?

Maybe, but you could always add the table to EIS, with a link
to and some
rows explained by reference (%Y A000004, A000027, A001477), so
the first interesting row (your unary shift) could be used as
example.  BTW, some EIS tables contain too much redundancy for
my taste, e.g. T(c,r)= T(r,c), T(c<n,r<n)= 0, T(0,n)= 0, etc.,
and then I'd prefer a "shifted" variant with more meaningful
terms squueezed into the limits of the EIS format (about 200
characters for digits and separators in %S %T %U).

               Bye, Frank (2 virtual Euro cents :-)

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