formulae using elementary functions for represent interger sequences

Frank Ellermann frank.ellermann at
Wed Feb 27 21:31:01 CET 2002

Antonio Esposito wrote:
> A doubt of mine is if such lack is deliberatly wanted, 
> becouse such formulas are of few or none interest, or there
> are other motivations in doing so.

As a special case see A011822 .. A011825 or A011830 .. A011833:

There are simply not enough terms in EIS to determine a formula
(and I don't understand the description :-)  If you find these
formulae (maybe using A011819 .. A011821 or A011826 .. A011829)
see Marc's reply for a link to the "comment" form.

For simple congruences in the form "polynomial +(-1^n) * term"
a closed form might be skipped intentionally by the authors (?)

                    Bye, Frank

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