new cgi scripts

N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Fri Jan 4 01:31:37 CET 2002

Our systems people upgraded the operating system on a computer
I use to store all the lookup programs for the OEIS.

But not on the public machine, fortunately.

They also managed to replace the Korn shell with a version
that is about 12 years old (Ksh88).

This meant that none of my programs worked on the local
machine, although they still worked on the  external machine.

This meant i had to change ALL the cgi programs.  While I was
doing it they found the problem and changed to a more moderm Korn shell.

It /appears/ that the new versions of my programs now work
on both machines.  Mostly i had to give explicit path names
for all files and commands.  There were hundreds of these.
Everything was affected - even the French versions.

In short, please check the lookup programs on the web pages,
and let me know if anything doesn't work now.


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