new edition of OEIS

N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Sun Jan 13 21:26:46 CET 2002

there's a new version which has all the updates and
new sequences as of 15:00 today

except of course for cases where the sequence
was rejected as not interesting enough; 
or comments on a sequence which was in fact a duplicate

- A sends a wrong sequence
B corrects it
C points out that it is in the database already
NJAS amalgamates the new and old versions and the updates

D sends in more corrections

A, B and D worry when they find out the seq is not'there any more

Well, it is there, but it has an old A-number,
and it's probably beenb changed

this happens all the time!

if you sent in a new sequence or comment yesterday,
please check to make sure (subject to the above warnings)
that it is in the database; if not,
please send it again


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