"Program" box on submit form

Antti Karttunen karttu at megabaud.fi
Sun Jan 6 11:36:03 CET 2002

"N. J. A. Sloane" wrote:

> There's now a "Program" box on the "Submit New Sequence
> or Comment" web page for entering a program,
> and a pull-down menu for specifying the language.
> If the language you use isn't listed, check "Other"
> and begin the program by specifying the language,
> as in
> (COBOL) a:=1; ...
> Otherwise you don't need to do this, the Pull-down menu
> will automatically do it
> That is, it will put Maple programs in %p lines,
> Mathematica programs in %t lines, and all the rest (PARI, etc.)
> in %o lines like
> (PARI) a(n)=issquare(1+8*n)
> ^^^^^^ and this will be filled in for you by the program.
> Let me know if there are bugs

Future suggestion:
A simple pretty-printing (indenting) script/C-program through which
the program code lines would be filtered on output.
One version for Algol-like procedural languages
like Maple and one version for Mathematica with its
mysterious syntax. (And others: UBASIC, REXX, etc.)


Antti Karttunen

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