Review: A068192

Dean Hickerson dean at
Mon Jun 10 07:02:30 CEST 2002

David Wilson wrote:

> Regarding A068192
> Change typo "similary" to "similar".
> Otherwise, looks good.

No, the name says "starting with n=2" but the offset is 0.  Also, "f(1)=4"
should be "f(0)=4":

       n  0  1   2    3    4
    a(n)  2  3   5    7   11
    f(n)  4  8  24  120  840

I don't understand the comment "I don't think that all primes are produced":
The 'explanation' is based on similarity to A067836, but the entry for that
sequence conjectures that all primes *are* produced.  (I haven't thought
enough about it to make a conjecture about whether or not all primes occur
in either sequence.  Mere numerical evidence doesn't mean much for this
sort of problem.)

David, will you send Neil an edited version, or shall I?

Dean Hickerson
dean at

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