N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Sun Mar 10 20:20:50 CET 2002

Will be traveling March 12 - 19, so no updates during that period.
The same for March 24 - April 6 and April 21 - May 1.

The database is now up-to-date as of March 10, i.e. I have
processed the 1000 updates that arrived while I was in California.

The 100 updates that have arrived in the past 12 hours will
probably have to wait until I return.

There are new interfaces in French, German and Swedish (see the
main lookup page). I plan to do more languages when I return,
and will be looking for help.  More about this later.

The reason for doing this is so that everyone in the world
can have access to the OEIS - so spread the word and tell
all your friends, neighbors and relatives about the new

Neil Sloane

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