"mixed linear recurrences"

Kimberling, Clark ck6 at evansville.edu
Mon Nov 4 20:25:00 CET 2002

Let A be a sequence given by initial values a(0) and a(1), and for n>1,
a(n) = s*a(n-1) + t*a(n-2)  if n is even,
a(n) = u*a(n-1) + v*a(n-2)  if n is odd.
(An example is A002531.)
One could call A a "mixed linear recurrence".  However, this does not
seem to a standard name.  
The question is this:  is there a name for such sequences?  Does someone
know a reference where such recurrences are discussed - especially for
"order" greater than 2?
Clark Kimberling
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