Nice knowing you all

David Wilson davidwwilson at
Wed Nov 13 18:29:20 CET 2002

A goodbye note.

Given my job search success over the past 7 months, it would
be irresponsible for me to continue to market myself as a techie.
A job search these days is tantamount to a sales job without
commission, and apparently I have a pretty poor product to sell.
If I am going to be a salesman, then dammit, I'm going to choose
my own market and reap my own benefits.  Therefore, I have
decided to start my own business (my first foray into the
business world will be selling gift baskets.  No opinions on my
probability of success will be tolerated.  I will allow you to wish
me good luck if you feel so inclined).

I am also dropping mathematics as a hobby.  My contribution is
small, my time limited, my tools inadequate, and my interest waning.
I have a moderate collection of mathematics and computer science
titles gathering dust on my shelves, I plan to trash these.  If there
is interest I will post titles and make them available at shipping cost.
I respectfully request to be dropped from the math-fun and seqfan
mailing lists.  As of late, I have not been able to follow the
discussions with much interest, being preoccupied as I am with my
family's future well-being.  I have also not been fulfilling my role as
OEIS editor in any substantive way, and request to be dropped
from the editor list.  It was an honor to be chosen, Neil.  (I might
still be induced to fix or extend a sequence now and then).

Thank you all for your kindness and consideration over the years.
I have been feeling quite bitter as of late, and you good friends
do not deserve to hear my vitriol on a recurring basis.  I feel I must
turn my whole attention to other endeavors.  I remain available at
davidwwilson at  ;-)

- Dave Wilson

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