Hans Havermann hahaj at rogers.com
Wed Nov 20 22:54:30 CET 2002

> %I A002488 M5031 N2171
> %S A002488 1,16,7625597484987,
> %T A002488  
> 13407807929942597099574024998205846127479365820592393377723561443721764 
> 0300735469768018742981669034276900318\
>   58186486050853753882811946569946433649006084096
> %N A002488 n^(n^n).

I've put the next 4 values at:


What I was really going for is 9^9^9. I didn't have enough memory to  
compute the number outright (in Mathematica) so I'm trying to do it in  
halves. Not sure I'll succeed: been running several days now on the  
first half.

10^10^10 is utterly hopeless. ;)

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