Robert G. Wilson v rgwv at kspaint.com
Sat Sep 21 00:33:44 CEST 2002

Eric & all,

        Yes, I agree with the previous way to lookup sequences vs. today.

        (1) As Neil said, drop the first few entries, and input only the 
halve a dozen, otherwise you might miss something. Also I have found
quit a number of duplicate sequences this way.

        (2) I, like you, use Mathematica, ver., for most of my 
However, after putting the sequence into the submittal form and preview, 
I then
copy this out of the Netscape browser and paste it into a high end ASCII 
processor, in this case, Boxer (tm) Text Editor version 9.0.0 for 
Windows 2000,
etc. Once I have my spacing, spelling, wording, grammar, etc. I then copy it
to Netscape Composer and check spelling one more time, thank you Wichita
Public School System for not teaching me phonetics, and sent it in to 
Neil and
cc'ed to other persons who are involved with the sequence or other 
parties. This eliminates the problem about the '\' problem since the 
wraps the message at about 75 characters. In Boxer I do not wrap and might
have as many as 300 characters in a single line.

        Oh, I see where you were going. Again use only about five to eight


Eric W. Weisstein wrote:

>Dear Neil and seqfans,
>I would find OEIS slightly more convenient to use, if instead of a set of 
>radio buttons for sequence, word, of A-#, it had three separate edit 
>fields, each with a "submit" button.  Then I could type my search into 
>the appropriate field and click once to submit.  Seems like a small thing, 
>but it would save me a fair bit of time over time, and also avoid me 
>forgetting to click the right radio button, which I admit to doing quite 
>Does anyone agree/disagree?
>Also, while I'm on the subject, I have two additional interface 
>(1) make the edit field for entering a sequence 2-3 rows high so I can see 
>all my input
>(2) allow (and strip) the backslash character \ in the edit field.  I use 
>Mathematica to generate most of my sequences, and it automatically 
>includes \'s as line continuation characters when copying long sequences.  
>I would find it very convenient if OEIS could allow but strip these.  At 
>the moment, when combined with the single-line input field, it can be 
>slightly painful to locate and remove them by hand before I can do a 
>Thanks in advance and best wishes,

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