Boolean search available

N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Mon Apr 21 12:32:55 CEST 2003

The Boolean search feature is now part
of the advanced search page.

In case you missed the first announcement, here is the new section
of the hints.html file:

<li><STRONG>Boolean Search (New, April 2003)</STRONG>
One of the troubles with the "lookup" page has always
been that you could only look up one word or phrase.
So if you wanted to know which sequences mentioned
"Chess" in the subject line, and "Elkies" in the
reference line, you had to make two separate searches
and combine the results by hand.
The <a href="">advanced lookup</a>
page has a new "Boolean" search feature, that will let you
specify TWO words or phrases!
You can search for
P AND Q,  P OR Q,  or  P BUT NOT Q
Some things you can do with it:
Find sequences that mention both A012345 AND A001105
Sequences with keyword "uned" AND XXXXX
Sequences that mention "knight" OR "chess"
Sequences that mention "code" (but) NOT "Hamming"
By the way, you can also try
<a href="">Google</a>,
which has indexed the OEIS and has better and faster search
programs than I do!  However, its version of
the database may be up to a month old.

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