Bell number

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Sat Apr 26 03:51:57 CEST 2003

    >Ohaio Gozaimas!
    Ohayo Gozaimasu. Henry Gould.

    To seqfans,  It means "good morning" in Japanese.

    Thanks for your good explanation about Bell number and Genji Monogatari.

   .A correction : Shikibo Murasaki -> Shikibu Murasaki

    >I do not believe we know
    >yet why a given incense (partition) diagram was associated with a
    >chapter of the Genji Monogatari.

    In our country, it is still enigma.

    >I have a booklet about Bell and Catalan Numbers, where the Murasaki
    >Diagrams are shown; however at the time I put that together I did not
    >add in the Japanese names for each diagram. I will do that in my
    >revised booklet, which lists over 450 references from antiquity up to
    >about 1980 for Catalan and maybe 250 for Bell numbers.

    Is it possible to buy your booklet on Amazon on line shop?

    >A writer in Japan sent me copies of some pages from an illustrated
    >Tale of Genji dating to 1700's. I would dearly like to procure a
    >complete copy.

    It is too old! I don't know how to get it.

    >Tale of Genji was translated into English many years ago by
    >Arthur Waley, but lacks the lovely incense ceremony stick diagrams.

   Do you know why they need the partition in an incense ceremony?

    Ja, ne. .... A modern way to say Sayonara.


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