Bell number

Henry Gould gould at
Sun Apr 27 02:28:39 CEST 2003

 Why Chapters 1 and 54 are excluded is not clear, except that
they are not proper parts of the novel itself.

Incidentally, Shikibu Murasaki is somewhat considered to be the Shakespeare
Japan. She was a very remarkable literary person 1000 years ago! Moreover
dared to write in Japanese and not Chinese. Women at that time were
supposed to
use Chinese not Japanese.

My book on Catalan and Bell numb Bibliography may be gotten from me
and I can send anyone details on request. It includes also statistical
distribution charts showing the number of papers peer decade dealing with
two sequences.

Regards to all, and good sequencing,

Henry Gould

Hans Havermann wrote:

> > You can see all figures and kanjis and names of 52 cases which is 5-th
> > term of Bell number.
> How come the figures for 1 and 54 are excluded? See:
> > Yes, this is because the old Japanese in the 1700's used incense
> > diagrams
> > based on arrangements of different or same sticks of incense to label
> > the 52 inner chapters of the Genji Monogatari (Tale of Genji) that was
> > originally written by Lady Shikibo Murasaki around 1002 A.D.
> Same here. "Inner" to exclude two of the chapters. Why?

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