yet more primes

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Wed Dec 3 23:13:47 CET 2003


> %N A006254 2n-1 is prime.
> %N A024912 10n+1 is prime.
> %N A033868 7n-11 is a prime.
> %N A067076 2n+3 is a prime.
> %N A081759 5n+6 is a prime.
> %N A086303 n+15 is prime.
> %N A086304 n+6 is prime.
> %N A086801 n+3 is a prime.
> %N A088879 3n+5 is a prime.
> %N A088958 n such that 60*n+1 is prime.
> %N A089038 2n+5 is prime.
> %N A089559 2n+15 is prime.

    Those seem to be the rage, nowadays. Let me join the fun:

%I A123456
%S A123456 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31
%N A123456 840n+175177943 is a prime.
%K A123456 nonn,dumb,joke,less
%A A123456 A. Nonymous (i.wish(AT)

    (Those who extend the sequence will be unsurprisingly disappointed.)
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