stroke sequence

Jon Awbrey jawbrey at
Sat Dec 13 16:00:34 CET 2003


ML = Marc ReBrun
YK = Yasutoshi Kohmoto

ML: The definition seems OK but it's also kind of long.
    This makes it a tough call.  I would advise doing a
    little more thinking and research before submitting it.
    It's possible that you can create a more succinct statement,
    either by some new insight on your part, or by using some more
    compact or "standard" nomenclature that's used elsewhere (such as
    in the graph theory literature).

YK: Thank you for your good advice.
    I will research my idea "stroke".
    I think that it is a useful idea
    so it must exist in graph theory.
    Does anyone know a standard name
    of the idea "stroke"?

YK: I think "local maximal di-path on di-graph"
    is better definition.   How about this?

i seem to remember frank harary writing something on
a similar sort of "calli-graphic" theme a few years
back -- i think it was in the journal 'leonardo'?

jon awbrey


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