A062775 again

T. D. Noe noe at sspectra.com
Sun Dec 21 20:27:34 CET 2003

Because this sequence is multiplicative, we need only give the formula for
powers of primes.  I have computed the sequence for all prime powers <
2500, and found the following formulas empirically:

There are 4 cases: for even and odd primes, and for even and odd powers.

For p=2,
power 2k-1:	2^(3k-1) (2^k     - 1)
power 2k:	2^(3k)   (2^(k+1) - 1)

For odd primes p,
power 2k-1:	p^(3k-2) (p^k     + p^(k-1) - 1)
power 2k:	p^(3k-1) (p^(k+1) + p^k     - 1)



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