Sequence Commonality Stats

Leroy Quet qqquet at
Fri Mar 7 00:58:59 CET 2003

Just curious about the following, personally.... But this might be useful 
to users of the EIS, in general.

I am wondering about such things as: 

What is the average number of terms that any EIS sequence would have 
in-common with at least one other sequence?

What is the number of sequences each (to be practical, only the first few 
nonnegative) integer occurs in?

What are the average number of sequences which are listed when exactly n 
terms are put into the look-up?

What is the most number of terms that any two distinct sequences have 


And I would suppose that you all can come up with your own questions.

The practical application of me asking this is that I would guess that 
having some idea of how many terms are likely to be really necessary to 
enter into the look-up, to narrow down a search, might be useful to users 
of the EIS. 

Thank you,
Leroy Quet 

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