Swiss 10 Fr note

N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Thu Mar 13 03:55:56 CET 2003

A correspondent just sent the following - any comments anyone?

> The Swiss 10 Fr note has some graphs on it that are accompanied by what
> appears to be a partial list of the zeroes:
> 43, 53, 70, 86, 113, 140, 183, 226, 296.
> There is reason to think from the graphs that these values are actually
> integer parts of a sequence that goes to 0 in one direction and infinity
> in the other.  At any rate, your numerical sequences web site fanned on
> this sequence and I was curious if you know anything about it.  One point:
> the sequence seems to be spliced together from two sequences (since the
> odd numbered terms are in one color and the even numbered ones in another)
> and in each of the sequences, the ratio of successive terms is
> suspiciously close to the golden ratio.  Actually, I just noticed that
> each odd numbered term is the sum of the two preceding odd numbered terms,
> but this is not quite true of the even numbered ones.
> Michael Barr

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