y.kohmoto zbi74583 at
Sat Mar 15 11:12:42 CET 2003

    Hello, seqfans.
    I conjectured that the following two sequences are cyclic.

    x(n)=[a*x(n-1)+b]/p^r,  a, b are real number, [x] is integer part of x,
                        p is prime, p^r is the highest power of p dividing

    seq.1.    x(0), p, a, b = 1, 2, 2.00013, 3.0
    seq.2.    x(0), p, a, b = 1, 2, 2.00001, 3.2

    My computer Pentium 366MHz is too slow to find these periods.
    If anyone has faster computer, please calculate the periods and tell me


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