integer to list substitutions

wouter meeussen wouter.meeussen at
Sun May 18 11:10:10 CEST 2003

58 hits on known seqs generated by the well known technique " replace
integer k by f[k] and count the length of the resulting list after n
nestings". Here f[k] stands for a function that takes an integer as argument
and returns a list (such as Range[4] equals {1,2,3,4}).

A000045  A000108 A000125 A000245 A000290 A000984 A001003 A001003 A001333
A001519 A001700 A001906 A001911  A002478 A002522 A003945 A003946 A006318
A006319 A006319 A006356  A006357  A006358  A006629 A007051 A008934 A016121
A024493 A026016 A026671 A026672 A026674 A047749 A052529 A052544 A052709
A052925  A055588 A052980 A062992 A064062 A068921 A078039 A078482 A083329
A083691 A083692 A083693 A084075 A084076 A084077 A084078 A084079 A084080
A084081 A084082 A084083 A084084 A084085 A084086

A well known example is A000108 (Catalans) generated by k -> Range[0,k]
starting on 0.

Full details for the asking, or on Wouter.Meeussen at

enjoy (or not)


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