degrees of varieties K(2,n)^m / Chebyshev polynomials

Ralf Stephan ralf at
Mon May 12 15:04:39 CEST 2003

And the <sigh> correction of the first conjecture:
%S A013699 1,32,610,9842,147798,2145600,30664890,435668420,6186432967
%N A013699 Degree of variety K_{2,n}^2.
That seems to be
? tc(n)=if(n==1,1,1/(1-x*tc(n-1)))
? for(n=1,30,t=polcoeff(tc(n),2*n):if(1,print1(t",")))
The 2n-th term in the exp. of the n-th pol., I wanted to say.


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