[seqfan] marking and mail filtering

Frank Ellermann Frank.Ellermann at t-online.de
Fri May 23 14:25:15 CEST 2003

Olivier GERARD wrote:

 [[seqfan] in the subject]
> it has some disadvantages, such as management of Reply,

Hi Olivier... ACK, e.g. this reply. :-)

> - the X-From_: contains seqfan-owner at ext.jussieu.fr
> - the List-Id: contains seqfan at ext.jussieu.fr

X-From might be something special for you as owner (?).  I use:

EIS	X-Loop	seqfan at ext.jussieu.fr

...in sort.dat (TABs expanded here).  List-Id should also work.

> you don't need to CC: me when you send to seqfan. I do
> receive the mail.

Okay, but that may depend on the receiver.  Since I use an EIS
folder automatically a CC in my Inbox makes sense.  Bye, Frank

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